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robin payne  -  building design

Established in 1985 the practice offers a wealth of experience with numerous medium and larger sized building projects, including multi-residential, retail and commercial facilities.

However, the field in which Robin Payne - Building Design excels is the design of high quality personalised housing.

Recipients of over 40 National or State design awards including the 2017 'HOUSE OF THE YEAR' for both the BDAQ and QMBA, this practice has proven itself in the housing design field.

Robin Payne - Building Design offers an initial consultation (either in your home or on site) to determine the viability of a client's proposals and budget requirements.  From here a relatively inexpensive concept can be provided.  At this stage the fine tuning of the concept begins.  The concept is adjusted to fit the individual clients requirements.  Then, with the help of a builder or quantity surveyor, it is established that the concept is within budget.  The next step is full documentation, council approvals and final tendering.  The client then has sufficient information to engage a builder on a fixed price basis.

The practices' attitude to a working design solution is one which satisfies each client's needs and tastes in relation to the constraints of budget and site.  It is this attitude which leads to projects of a vast variety of shapes and forms which encompass the full range of architectural styles.

We have had considerable experience in dealing with the site which is not just flat and rectangular or facing the appropriate aspect.

We can also offer the services of a Town Planner,  Interior Designer or Structural Engineer.  In this way our clients needs can be relayed first hand to each of the consultants ensuring the best possible outcome.

Robin Payne - Building Design is committed to designing buildings which maintain a consistent standard of excellence and quality.

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